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     "After a previous tax preparer had seriously bungled several years of tax returns, it seemed nothing short of miraculous that Les was not only able to sort out the mess but get us thousands of dollars in refunds from prior tax years. Les took the time to research our complex tax situation, gave excellent advice, and provided prompt and professional service that was worth every penny of his very reasonable fees."

— Allison R.
Cape Town


     "I faced the nightmare task of filing several years of US tax returns, several of them quite intricate and involved. Les patiently walked me through each of them, explaining in detail what needed to be paid. He also put in a lot of work to figure out the best ways of saving me money. On top of that, he was extremely accessible and always had time to talk to me. He answered all my questions, even the dumb ones. I enthusiastically recommend Les Edelman as a tax advisorhe is money very well spent."

— Eric Volkman

     "When we relocated to Istanbul, Turkey from the United States in 2002, one of our adjustments to our new location entailed finding someone new to prepare our US income tax. We contacted the US Consulate in Istanbul and were referred to Les Edelman. After our first telephone call with him we knew we had lucked out and found the right person to prepare our taxes. During our call we found him to be very pleasant and knowledgeable about the tax ramifications for US citizens living abroad. Since that call he has prepared our income tax returns and we expect to continue with him now, and wherever we may end up living in the future. He makes the process so simple through e-mail, fax, and an occasional telephone call."

— Richard Weathered

     "Coming from Kenya and being faced with US tax system I felt so lost. In 2002, I had just come from Japan and taken up my first job in US. Two years later, I found myself receiving a 45-day notice from the IRS. Les was recommended to me by the US embassy and was not only very helpful but responded to my emails almost as if it was instant messaging. Now I’ve just returned to US for several months in 2006 and I am again facing the same problem. For the second time Les was extremely helpful, prompt and patient. I had Les’ email saved for all those years and here I was contacting him again. Les took me through the whole process and was so patient and even saved me money by asking all the right questions. I ended up paying 30% of the total money I could have owed had I not contacted Les. Les is so prompt; you get responses from him at any time of the day sometimes while you are still on the screen with complete, well-researched answers. He is very honest and extremely fair in the charges."

— Dr. Jedidah Danson

     "My wife and I dumped this little taxation problem on Les' desk ­ newly resident in the US from the UK (but after an earlier period of two years in the US, and then two years in Ethiopia), one of us employed in the US, the other employed by a UK company and also drawing dividends.... Les had to deal with the books for two UK companies (and liaise with the UK accountant), multiple foreign accounts, both USD and foreign currency, both personal and business; three rental properties in different countries; and long periods of travel to the UK and abroad. He was clear, calm (above all), and very competent; and everything was delivered in meticulous detail (as the US tax authorities demanded), on time. Highly recommended.

— Names withheld
Washington DC

     "Les Edelman took a tremendous burden off me and fixed my situation regarding outstanding US tax returns. It was very apparent, from the start of our correspondence, that he possesses the professional knowledge of all of the tax intricacies associated with US citizens living abroad. However, what was more impressive to me was the kind and courteous personal manner with which he responded to my situation. He clearly detailed the steps and guided me through the process resulting in a very satisfactory conclusion. Without a doubt, contacting Les was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

— Michael Newberg

     "After living in two different statesand then moving abroadall in the course of one year, my wife and I faced a rather complicated tax return. My employer, a large foundation based in Hungary, recommended Les Edelman to us. Les not only put our confused paperwork in order, he went the extra mile by researching a tax issue that saved us about $2,000. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for help in filing their US taxes."

— Jonas Rolett

     "I've been very impressed with Les Edelman's great service in helping me with my taxes. Even though I live in Hong Kong while Les is in Hungary, he is very prompt and cooperative in finding time to discuss issues either by email or phone at times that are mutually convenient. I know that if I send a late night message, Les' email will always be awaiting me the next morning with the answer, or a request for more information or a follow-up phone call. Very well versed in expatriate tax issues, Les has saved me considerable time, money, and frustration by his timely, clear, and thoughtful work on my taxes. Even though one might hesitate at using a tax advisor that is a continent away, Les has made the possible obstacle no obstacle at all. I wholeheartedly recommend Les for any expatriate trying to grapple with the confusion of paying taxes while overseas. "

— Prof. Gary Katzenstein
Hong Kong

     "Les Edelman had been referred to me by a colleague at work. I needed a tax attorney to sort out my tax return for the year 2000 because I had been transferred to the US, had income there for several months and then by changing jobs, had moved back to Europe. This situation put me in quite a complicated position in determining the best way to file my tax return for the I.R.S. I found Les' services to be very professional. He sorted out my tax position efficiently and I am exceptionally satisfied with his results. Les provided me with accurate advice as to the effect of my tax position, both with regard to the US and the Hungarian tax laws. I would recommend his services to anyone who is a US taxpayer."

Andras Radvanszky

     "Les Edelman prepared six years of US tax returns for me. The entire process was surprisingly fast, efficient and, I thought, a good value. He was quick to pick up the phone to discuss any unclear or possibly troublesome issues regarding the returns and very generous with his time in answering a range of related questions. Pleased with his performance, I recommended Les to a couple of associates who subsequently engaged his services."

— James D. O'Leary

     "I contracted with Les Edelman to prepare my tax returns for the last 5 years. I found him to be professional, prompt, conscientious, and cost-effective. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs either simple tax advice or serious help in dealing with the IRS."

— Stephen A. O'Connor
Budapest & Moscow

     "During my work assignment in Central Europe, I became acquainted with Mr. Edelman through a colleague who referred me to Mr. Edelman's professional services regarding U.S and Hungarian tax filings and preparations. Being a Finnish citizen and legal permanent resident of US, and having lived as an expatriate for the last 10 years in various countries, I have come into contact with many advisors. Fortunate for me, I pursued the referral and I am highly satisfied with the work Mr. Edelman performed. Mr. Edelman is not only an excellent tax advisor, technically speaking, but he also took his time to understand my different requests and questions. Mr. Edelman was very persistent to communicate his advices in an understandable way, so no misunderstanding could occur. I highly recommend Mr. Edelman both professionally and personally."

 Bengt K. Horsma

     "I have used Les Edelman to prepare my taxes for the past ten years. He is extremely professional and thorough when preparing my return. If he does not know an answer he researches it and he always informs me of options and choices and how they may affect my return. Therefore, I highly recommend Les Edelman as a tax resource."

— Mark Waldman
Budapest & Maastricht

     "I am a first-time client this year of Les Edelman, and am most impressed by his knowledge, efficiency and caring manner in which he took care of my tax return. I am an American citizen residing in Austria who works for an American company. I will call on Les from now on for all my tax needs and recommend his services to other Americans in the same situation."

— Heide Wilberger
Erl, Austria

     "Not only did Les Edelman know all the ins and outs of expatriate tax filing, but he let me make the choice of when to use aggressive / conservative tax strategies. He is also fluent in modern IT techniques like PGP email encryption and so I was confident working with him via internet and email. My tax returns were quickly and professionally done."

 Larry Galka

     "As an expatriate, my US tax returns have been professionally prepared by leading international accounting firms since 1995. Switching to Edelman Tax Services not only provided a new and customized level of service, but also revealed the deficiencies in the big firms' standardized approaches. I recommend Les Edelman with profound enthusiasm."

— Andras Fehervary
Budapest, Brussels, Milan & Basel

     "As expatriates living in Croatia we have used Les Edelman to prepare our taxes for the past two years. He is extremely professional, timely and thorough in preparing our joint return. He always informs us of various alternatives and how they might affect our return. We highly recommend him as a tax resource. We found him to be professional, prompt, conscientious, and cost-effective. We highly recommend his services to anyone who needs routine tax advice or serious help in dealing with the IRS on matters beyond the preparation and filing of tax documents. We have personal experience in this second matter due to a mistake a payer made on my W-2. Les was extremely helpful and thorough in getting the payer to follow through and correct the mistake, and then followed through with the IRS to a satisfactory solution."

— David & Patricia Culpepper
Zagreb & Tbilisi

     "Les Edelman was an invaluable help in straightening out my recent tax history. Not only did he simplify my most recent return but he also amended my two prior returns rectifying mistakes which ultimately resulted in sizeable refunds. I have found Les to be prompt, professional and honest and I would recommend him to anyone looking for tax advice."

— Amy Mathis-Bodor

     "Ever since you helped me two years ago you are blessed by me every single day and in my prayers! You were the only one in the entire world who knew the answer for my tax situation and that I don't have to pay taxes here in Hungary because I do to the US. I will never forgot that you even called me from Belgrade and spent your own money on the phone to help me out! In a separate email I will forward your email to our CLO office so your name and advertisement can be published in our weekly Bulletin here at the Embassy, so every American would know how highly you are recommended and they can contact you. Thank you again for everything."

 Katalin Urban


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