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1. Schedule Your Tax Return Preparation


  • Go to the Calendar to reserve a slot in our tax return preparation schedule.
  • When scheduling yourself, keep in mind your filing deadline: April 17 if residing in the US, June 15 if residing outside the US, and October 15 for those filing an extension.

2. Send Us Your Information


3. We Prepare and Deliver Your Tax Return

  • If you can e-file, we deliver a PDF file, and you return a signature form to us to e-file your return on your behalf.
  • If you must paper-file, we deliver a PDF file, and you print, sign and mail the return directly to the tax authority.
  • If you engage us to prepare your FBAR, we deliver it to you as a PDF, you return a signature form, and we e-file the FBAR on your behalf.


4. We Send You Our Invoice

  • Tax returns are charged at a fixed minimum fee plus increments based on complexity.
  • Consulting and advisory services are charged at an hourly rate.
  • For new clients, fees will be communicated to you upon establishing an engagement for services. For returning clients, fees are generally same as last year, unless there are material changes in content or complexity.
  • Payment is due within 21 days of issuing your invoice. For large engagements, we generally request at least 50% of the fee in advance.
  • Payment is accepted by US check (including online banking "Bill Pay") or wire transfer. Credit cards are not accepted.


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