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Edelman Tax LLC, managed by American tax lawyer Les Edelman, provides a wide range of U.S. tax services for Americans overseas, as well as non-Americans with U.S. tax obligations.

Mr. Edelman has over 20 years of experience in U.S. and international tax law, with most of his career focused on the U.S. taxation of Americans abroad.  Thus, unlike most U.S.-based tax practitioners, he is well-versed in:

•  The foreign earned income and housing exclusions;

•  Foreign tax credits;

•  U.S. taxation of foreign investments;

•  U.S. tax reporting for foreign companies and bank/financial accounts; and

•  Issues relevant to Americans with foreign spouses and family members.

Mr. Edelman is an attorney licensed to practice law by the State Bar of Texas.

Feel free to learn more about our services and our process. We look forward to serving you.



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